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Whether you’re looking for an upgrade, or your old tired engine finally bit the dust, Haigler Auto Services in Montgomery, AL has the quality mechanics you need and the right choice for you in JASPER® Engines which is the nation's leading provider of remanufactured engines. Remanufactured Gas Engines from Jasper Engines & Transmissions offer a proven, economical, and reliable means of extending the life of your present vehicle or equipment.

JASPER remanufactured gas engines are built to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer measured tolerances, and most applications are covered by a 3 year | 100,000 miles nationwide, transferable parts and labor warranty. These are completely remanufactured engines with all new wear parts, exacting tolerances, and run-tested reliability.

As a local business, it is our mission to treat every customer with the courtesy and respect we show each other. We work hard to make sure that EVERY service we perform is completed with attention to detail and the quality we'd want for ourselves which is why we offer high-quality solutions we know will stand the test of time like JASPER remanufactured engines which are backed by a Nationwide Parts & Labor 3 Year | 100,000 Mile Warranty. 



We get that question from our Montgomery drivers and the answer is quite simple; with a used engine you are gaining just that; a used engine has not been completely inspected and cleaned with intensive testing.  NO WARRANTY. The engine history is not known and it is a failure waiting to happen. A JASPER remanufactured engine is completely cleaned, disassembled, inspected, all components replaced, tested, and meets or often EXCEEDS factory OEM standards and backed by a Nationwide warranty. Used components are pulled directly from a vehicle – typically a junkyard vehicle – and generally not even so much as a surface is cleaned. There are no provisions for disassembly, internal cleaning, or inspection with a used component. Used or junkyard engines may have high mileage and there is NO maintenance history so you have no idea what could have happened to that vehicle's part before hitting the junkyard. Many used or junkyard engines were involved in an accident, immersed in water, or fallen off a cliff. When we replace your engine with a USED Engine, our technicians here at Haigler Auto Services in Montgomery simply replace the engine from a used vehicle that is the same make & model.  It may be more affordable, but we do not recommend due to your vehicle being back on the road without a warranty.  


To rebuild an engine, we recondition, clean, inspect, and replace severely worn or broken parts in the engine. Serviceable parts are reused within the manufacturer's acceptable wear limits. The quality of rebuilt engine components varies widely and many come with only a limited warranty not a full parts and labor 3 Year / 100,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty.  Here our technicians take the unit and break it down replacing the parts that are needed and ONLY those parts so that you are back on the road.  This is a good fix if it is a clear and simple issue and very MINOR damage but fits only a very small margin of our Montgomery drivers.  The warranty, if any is very limited.


Remanufactured engines are as close to new as possible without having a big price tag. Most wearable parts are automatically replaced. All core material is closely inspected and checked against original equipment specifications for correct dimensional tolerances. Replacement parts are new or requalified. If new, parts are made in the same production processes as original equipment. A JASPER® remanufactured engine is taken down to the basics with most wearable parts replaced.   All core material is closely inspected and checked against original equipment specifications for correct dimensional tolerances. Replacement parts are new or requalified. If new, parts are made in the same production processes as original equipment. Testing is performed to manufacturer specifications and original production standards.  With JASPER® remanufactured engines you get tolerances that meet or exceed those of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer).   Live-run testing is performed to ensure manufacturer specifications and original production standards are met or exceeded. It simply is rebuilt and put back in new condition which is why they back it with such an in-depth nationwide warranty, that in many cases, is better than a new component warranty.  Completely remanufactured, for a lot less than imagined.

You drive away from our shop with confidence with a JASPER® remanufactured engine and a warranty and our Montgomery drivers have proven that time and time again to be a great choice.



  • We know that you automatically lose money when you drive off the lot with your new vehicle.  The average is $2000 - $3000 in value!
  • Your wholesale value depreciates by 35-50% in the first 2 years
  • In 3 years, an average new car loses 54% of the original purchase value
  • New vehicles carry higher tax, licensing, and insurance costs
  • Trade-in value on your vehicle while not operating at 100% is much - much less


  • Lose $1000 – $1200 in value when they leave the lot
  • May have a minimal warranty if any
  • May have hidden problems requiring expensive repairs
  • Trade-in value on your vehicle while not operating at 100% is much - much less

With a quality JASPER® remanufactured engine and professional installation from our shop here in Montgomery, you can drive away with confidence. That is why JASPER® Engines have a 3 YEAR | 100,000 MILE PARTS & LABOR NATIONWIDE WARRANTY which is transferable so where your engine goes, the JASPER® warranty follows. We provide this quality solution for our customers because of the exceptional quality JASPER®R provides backed by 80 years of experience in the remanufactured drive train industry.



Every JASPER® reman engine is completely disassembled. Blocks, heads, connecting rods, crankshafts, and camshafts are thoroughly cleaned through a variety of processes to remove contaminants that can result in premature wear to internal engine components and early engine failure.

Crankshafts are precision machined to exact tolerances with no odd size bearings or journals. Thrust surfaces (domestic engines) are micro-polished to provide precise surface finishes for smooth engine operation and reduced thrust bearing wear. Every journal is inspected and measured with critical accuracy. After machining, oil holes are chamfered to improve lubrication and every journal polished to a smooth finish for long bearing life. Crankshafts are thoroughly cleaned with special emphasis on flushing and brushing out oil passages to remove any contaminants.

Camshafts are inspected for wear, dimensional accuracy, and gauged for straightness. Camshaft lobes are carefully machined to correct specifications. Each shaft is Parco-Lubricated to improve lubricant adhesion, especially during break-in. Any camshaft not meeting the high JASPER® specification requirement is replaced.

Cylinders are bored and honed to exact specifications. Most gas engines are torque plate honed - a process we learned from our involvement in NASCAR - that eliminates cylinder distortion after the head is bolted and torqued to the block. This process eliminates a major cause of engine blow-by. Blocks are carefully inspected for cracks and flaws through procedures such as magnetic particle inspection. Cylinder finish and size are closely monitored to industry surface finish standards as well as for accuracy and consistency. This assures smooth piston travel and engine performance. JASPER® guarantees no odd size cylinders. The block to head mating surface is closely inspected and resurfaced as required to provide the correct surface finish for today's gasket materials.

Connecting rods are machined and gauged to within a half a thousandth for improved operation, especially in today's engines. Rods are carefully machined to avoid taper and to the standard diameter of original equipment. All rods are checked for bend and twist to assure smooth operation.

Heads are carefully inspected for cracks and flaws through procedures such as magnetic particle inspection. Every head is resurfaced to exact dimensional tolerances and the surface finish is carefully monitored for proper sealing with the block. Valve seats and guides are machined to exact specifications or replaced to assure correct valve alignment and seating and optimum engine performance.

Every gas engine is precisely assembled by trained JASPER builders. Attention to such details as a final wash of new and machined parts and pre-lubricated camshafts, pistons, and crankshaft journals assures a clean, smooth-running engine that performs to your expectations.

JASPER® live tests every popular Complete domestic and import reman engine with recorded inspections of temperatures, oil pressure, vacuum, and compression. Engines are black-light inspected to assure there are no oil leaks. JASPER's testing is one of the many ways we assure your satisfaction.

Consistent quality is maintained through a continuous training program of technicians, many of whom are ASE certified, backed with statistical process control. Technicians are also JASPER® Certified for specific engines and job functions. Quality audits of all areas of the engine are scrutinized for cleanliness, surface finish quality, lubrication, clearance, and wear patterns.

WARRANTY 3 YEAR | 100,000 MILE NATIONWIDE, Parts & Labor *transferable
Here at Haigler Auto Services in Montgomery, we install JASPER® with confidence as we know the high level of quality that goes into every unit and the dedication that goes into each unit developed at the factory. They are number one in the nation for a reason and yet still maintain that shop next door attitude where every engine is important!  Their warranty is one of the best in the business.
*3 YR | 100,000 Mile Complete engines for passenger cars and light-duty trucks receive a  (whichever occurs first) parts and labor warranty.
*Ambulance, off-highway vehicles, package delivery, police, snow removal, taxi, tow truck, or any vehicle over 1 ton, 18 months, or 100,000 miles, (whichever occurs first.)

If you are looking for an engine replacement solution, talk to our team of technicians at Haigler Auto Services in Montgomery to see which JASPER® solution is right for you.  We can assure you it will add value to your vehicle and is the best choice for your pocket plus deliver peace of mind. 

DieselUsed Vs NewKeep Your Vehicle


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